Hello! I am so excited to have you visiting my little online home. 

My name is Jodie and this is me prancing around in a field… 

Jodie James


A few years ago, I fell down the health and wellness rabbit-hole and I have learnt a few things whilst on my journey. Things about food, things about wellness, things about myself. Lots and lots of things.

Let’s start with food.

Like allot of 20 something year olds, until a few years ago I considered myself to be pretty healthy. I ate a really balanced diet… Breakfast is the most important meal of the day so I had breakfast of a delicious chocolaty muffin from the café at work to start the day off right.
I ordered skinny chai lattes instead of full cream and I opted for chips and veg at the local RSL when we went for dinner. I was making great choices! Breakfast, skim milk and veggies on the side. Tick, tick tick!

I wasn’t overweight and I didn’t feel sick so I must be doing alright yeah?

Then one day along came Sarah Wilson and busted into my chocolate stash with her I Quit Sugar e-book. I could not understand all the fear around these delicious treats, and “besides” I thought to myself, “I only have one chocolate bar a day. What’s the big deal?”. My sister gave it a good wrap so I got myself a copy of the I Quit Sugar e-book and powered through it convinced it was all hooplah, but accepted it as a challenge and went cold turkey.

Day 2 hurt. My head ached like never before and I could have burst into tears at any second.

After day 2 I realised just how badly I was addicted, and that’s when all the pennies began to drop.

I felt good and I liked it. I liked it allot! But how could I get by without chocolate? Oh how naïve I was. Enter cacao – Hooray!

On to wellness.

When I say wellness, I don’t mean never ever getting sick. To me wellness is balance, it’s listening to the signals our bodies send us and saying “oh yeah, you are right! I do need to slow down for a bit”.  Wellness is about finding ways to keep my body healthy, rather than treat the symptoms when they spring up. And stress? No thanks, I’m good!

And Myself.

Once you start to pay attention to what you eat and how you feel, you can’t help but realise a few things about yourself.

One day it occurred to me that the majority of fun things I had done or tried in my life, were only attempted because someone else wanted me to. Or because someone else had paved the way for me and I just followed their lead. I realised I had never done anything purely for me. And so I started yoga. I was terrified at first. What If I suck at it and everyone stares? What If I fart in class or am the only one that cant touch my toes.

I left my first yoga class walking on a cloud. It was the most incredible feeling to have a clear mind. And for once in my life, I was just there in my own body, in my own time in my own space. This was 100% for me and no one else and it felt amazing. So amazing that I signed up to yoga teacher training and now teach Vinyasa flow yoga classes in Queanbeyan, NSW.
I have always had trouble being inside my own head. I was a total scatter brain with thoughts, ideas, emotions and ‘what ifs’ swirling around my mind constantly. It. Was. Exhausting.
Meditation and mindfulness techniques have not only helped to tame my crazy brain and allow me to feel some calm, but have also changed the way I see the world. When your mind isn’t rushing about at a million miles a second you have time to notice the every day magic we are surrounded by. Colours are more vibrant, the subtle scents of nature creep in with the gentle breeze and the magnificent sunshine lights up each and every day. Everything is amplified! Its flippin awesome!!

These days, I am a Vinyasa Flow Yoga teacher! more on this and the schedule for my Queanbeyan yoga classes over here.

Anyway… I’m waffling

Soo many times on my wellness journey I have heard my sooky inner voice pipe up with “why didn’t anyone tell me that was bad for me? Why didn’t anyone tell me these things? And why didn’t I listen?” Well, my loves. That’s because its up to you! My life is 100% in my hands. Not anyone else’s. And the same goes for you petal. It’s time to take the blinders off and take a peak around the corner.

Living life to your full awesome potential means taking charge and paying some friggin attention! Staring down fear and telling that niggling voice in your head that tells you what you cant do, to get stuffed and replacing it with one that shows you the love you deserve.

Living a life that’s shiney and bright and calm and joyful all at once sounds pretty ace right? That’s because it is…

That’s why I am here. To share the things I have learnt about caring for myself, to share breathing techniques and yoga stories without any added B-S. This is the stuff that works for me, and I hope that maybe my experience can help you too.


My journey so far has been a real adventure full of discoveries and frustrations as I worked out what was good for me and what wasn’t so crash hot. The cool part is that us humans are always changing and always evolving. So our situation is never permanent and we always have opportunities to learn and grow. Isn’t that cool?! So many possibilities…..

If you are feeling like you want a hand to up the ante on the life you are living and want some more info on my yoga classes or wellness coaching then mosey on over here for a little bit. Have a little browse and if anything takes your fancy then let me know! I’m stoked that you popped in and I’d love love love to hear from you.


Jodie xx