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Shit Yeah! Affirmations are for cool kids

How do you feel about affirmations? Love them? Hate them? Never heard of them? Thought they were only for weirdos?

Pretty sure I have thought all of the above at one stage or another in my life.

I was exposed to affirmations from as early as primary school. My parents divorced when I was about 6 and I guess they were worried it would mess me up as a person so they popped me into sessions with the school counsellor. I didn’t understand the sessions all that much. But she was a nice lady so I was happy to go along.

One of the tools she used to help me was to use affirmations. I remember in one of our sessions we sat together with her asking me all kinds of questions about my fears and used this to create a script of affirmations. She recorded them for me on a good ole tape so I could listen to them through my walk-man before I went to bed each night. It didn’t take long for the other kids (or probably my sisters) to make me feel self conscious of my affirmation tape, and so I would try to avoid listening to it whenever I could. I didn’t want to feel different to the other kids and I couldn’t understand the purpose of the tape so I began to resent it.

When did feeling good take second place to what other people thought?

A few years ago when I started exploring new ways of caring for my body I began to realise that my body could not flourish if my mind was full of gunk!

Thankfully I was graced with the likes of Melissa Ambrosini and Jess Ainscough who re-introduced me to affirmations.

So what are they? In my world affirmations are like little reminders of what is or what could be. For example: When I start hating on my body and feeling like I am not good enough (like the last time I went bikini shopping) I remind myself “I Love and accept myself.”

They are a way of replacing the toxic negative thoughts with positive glimmers of light. The more positive thoughts that you can fill your mind with, the less room there becomes for the bad ones.

They can also be used to invite more of something into your life, or highlight something that you were having trouble seeing. For example, if you are wanting to welcome more money into your life you might try “I am abundant. Money flows to me and all of my needs are met in abundance.”IMG_1215


Yep, I can totally see how repeating to yourself “I love and accept myself” over and over could seem a little coo-coo. So let me remind you that how you feel is more important than what other people think!!

And besides, no one is saying you have to shout it from your desk every 20 minutes or recite it to strangers. You don’t have to tell a soul (but you can if you want!). Affirmations do not come in a one size fits all. Everyone will feel differently about what they need and how they want to engage with it.

Some people are confident and will happily recite affirmations with others around, others feel more personal and will say them in private or may even just think on them quietly. Whatever works for you is perfect.

IMG_1175I recommend picking an affirmation for your day and keeping it with you as much as possible. Write it on a post it and stick it to your car steering wheel or set it as a reminder in your phone to remind you throughout the day.  Don’t stress if you still notice the negative thoughts, just do your best to replace them whenever they pop up. The more you practice the easier it will become and before you know it positive affirmations will become your default brain setting.


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Jodie xx


Shake off Comparison-itis

For as long as I can remember I have compared myself to others as a basis for how good I was. How much better I was than someone else or how much I needed to change to be as good. I remember feeling so friggin special bragging to my friends in primary school that I had had pizza for dinner, and then getting suspicious and nasty when my friend claimed that she had had pizza for dinner as well. I tried to prove that she was a liar and had made it up, because if she was just as special as me then I wasn’t special at all. And if I wasn’t special then why would the other kids want to be friends with me. Time to shake off comparison-itis…

I still don’t know where this insecurity came from and throughout my life it has manifested in different ways. As a teenager I had anxiety and would refuse to go to school allot. Seriously Allot. I guess I felt like it was a way of escaping and also a way of getting attention on my own terms.

It became a habit.

And as a ‘grown up’ I held on to the need to compare myself to others and rate them as being better or worse than me. A shit fight between my self-esteem and my ego if you will.

You see our egos love to talk shit about us and about others, it can be a real jerk…

Even as I write this my ego is telling me that I sound cray cray like Kanye with voices in my head.

Earlier this year I went and saw Gabby Bernstien talk in Sydney. It was phenomenal. What I felt in that room was love, compassion and inspiration as soon as the day began and what can only be described as a ‘heart cracked open’ experience. For those who don’t know who Gabby is – get on it! She’s all about helping you make miracles baby.

I am a big advocate for self-love. It’s something I have been practicing for a little while now and as I learnt to treat myself better I realized that my ego was holding onto the fears around not being enough that fit me oh so well. In that love soaked room with Gabby it became very clear to me that my own self doubt was the thing pulling me down and it had to go. But it’s not as though you can just turn it off.

There is no off switch for the ego. But there is a workaround.

Become a non judgemental witness. See if you can watch what is going on, perhaps a co-worker stepped on your toes and you are feeling insecure, or maybe someone cut you off in traffic and you are feeling angry and entitled or maybe even you are worried about a big event coming up and that you will look silly in front of everyone. Maybe have a little chuckle at the silliness of the situation you might have created in your mind and then, choose again.

You are responsible for how you feel in this moment. So choose again, and this time choose from a loving perspective.

I am not my lack mentality. Kindness created me kind. Peace begins with me.

Three of my favourite affirmations taken from Gabby’s book “May Cause Miracles” based on the teachings from A Course in Miracles.

Maybe one of these resonates with you?

I want you to know that you are so much more than what that voice in your head tells you.

Love ,

Jodie xx

Bikini shopping like a goddess

How to Shop For a New Bikini Like a Goddess

Dreams filled with lazing on the beach in a bikini with the warm sun on my skin and a fresh coconut have been filling my days for the last few weeks. But deep down there is something a little upsetting for me personaly in these dreams…

When I was about 12 I got my first bikini. I remember being at the school pool trip and being terrified to take off my shirt and reveal my bikini body to my classmates. It was embarrassing. I had the smallest chest of all the year 7 girls. (year 7! I know, it was a huge deal at the time).

I felt so incredibly disproportioned. I had a super flat chest and chubby thighs. I was ashamed of the stretch marks down inside of my legs and the cellulite I already sported on my thighs and bum. So I was thrilled that board shorts were on trend to cover myself as much as I could get away with.

Writing this makes me feel a little sad to think of all the years I have spent hating my body. But the saddest part is that it’s a battle I continue to struggle with today.

I’m a skinny person. I have never been overweight and have always been relatively comfortable in my clothes. But only in my clothes. I have never, ever worn a bikini in public. 14 years later I still wear board shorts to the beach or pool. I was devastated when those really long shorts went out of fashion because I might have to expose my legs to the world and when I went on my honeymoon to Thailand I was literally the only person I saw wearing shorts over my swimmers.

As I grew up I pushed my limits and am now ok (just ok, never confident) with wearing a bikini top, but the bottom half has always been covered. So, I decided that my holiday to Hawaii would be my first time at letting go. Im taking the plunge and taking off my clothes.


The first step – buy a new bikini

I went into this pretty confident, I had looked online and had a fair idea of what style I would like to get. I tried on a couple in the first store, and while the patterns were super cute, I did not feel super cute wearing them. My butt cheecks had barely seen the light of day before – there was no way I was going to squish them into something called the “brazillian skimpy cut” that pretty much only covered my crack.

I left the store feeling pretty pov and decided that this was not good enough. This was not a great start to my bikini shopping. So how could I turn this around?

I stopped at Thrive for some lunch and sat at the bench by myself while I ate. I looked up from my food and saw my reflection staring back at me and realized two things – 1- You should not ever go bikini shopping if you are hungry. Because everyone knows if you are hungry then you are likely to be moody and sensitive. 2 -I am friggin awesome and my worth is so much greater than how I look in a bikini.

I sat in the mirror and looked into my own eyes and repeated to myself (in my head because there were people around and I didn’t want to look like a crazy person) “I love and accept myself”


By the time I had finished my green smoothie I was ready for some more bikini trying on!

So off I went with a content tummy and my affirmation repeating over and over in my head. I tried on about 6 different bikinis in various shapes and sizes and when I found the right one I did a little happy dance in the change room, struck a pose and felt fantastic!

So, my tips on how to shop for a new bikini like a goddess

  1. Eat before you shop. As mentioned above, you don’t want to be a sensitive hungry cry baby when all your bits are exposed.
  2. Repeat after me “I love and accept myself” as soon as you hear any hint of that icky voice in your mind that tells you that you aren’t perfect then give it a good smack down with a nice firm “I love and accept myself”
  3. Strike a pose. You are the only one in the change room so it doesn’t matter how silly you look or feel. Strike a pose, stick your butt out, drop your hip, do a twirl, find your best angle, HAVE SOME FUN!



My next challenge was strutting around in my bikini. You can bet that some affirmations and visualization were a huge part in this for me, and will continue to be, not just for Hawaii but for every other day where I have been scared to work it… Ill keep you posted with an update on this one shortly…


Do you have any tips for shopping for a new bikini and owning your bikini bod?