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Pimp my Water – Sugar free Summer Drink recipes

Alright peeps! The warmer weather is finally here and that means lots of sitting in the sunshine with cool bevy’s, BBQ ing with mates and a few cool bevy’s, and just staying cool in general… with cool bevy’s.

A few years ago when I cut back my sugar I had huge struggles at this time of the year finding something refreshing that wasn’t full of crap. Water is pretty ace but sometimes on a stinking hot day a glass of water just does not cut it. You want something with a bit of flavour, something fruity and bright with a bit more pizazz! Yes, a drink with pizazz… But you don’t want to fall down the well and end up with a sugar hangover the next morning.

Lucky for all of us there are some super dooper easy and delicious ways to pimp your sugar free beverage! I had a little play in the kitchen

I had a play with some simple bits and pieces and and whipped up these 4 sugar free summer drink recipes you might like to try for your next Sunday BBQ. The best bit though – its totally experimental! So you can try whatever takes your fancy!

All you need is a killer base. I used natural mineral water for some bubbly fun, coconut water for sweet hydration and pomegranate iced tea for a bit of extra colour and flavour. You can totally just used normal water though.


Bevy number 1

Citrus infused mineral water

Citrus infused mineral water

Cut some lemons, lime, and orange into chunks and squash gently into a glass or jug. Poke around a little with a spoon or straw to release some of the juice and flavour. Then top with natural mineral water.

I like to poke at the fruit with a straw to continue to release the flavour as I drink. AND you can refill this a few times throughout the day.


Bevy number 2.

Coconut and Mint

Coconut and Mint

Take a bunch of mint and break off the leaves, give them a little squeeze to gently bruise them and release the flavours.

Pop them into a glass and fill with coconut water. I used Coconut essence brand because it’s my fave.

Again, use the straw to keep releasing the flavours from the mint and refill with plain water throughout the day.


Bevy number 3.

Bluberry bubbles

Bluberry bubbles

This is literally just frozen blueberries in natural mineral water. The colour is rad and the taste is simple and refreshing.


Bevy number 4.

Citrus infused iced tea

Citrus infused iced tea

I used my left over citrus chunks from bevy number 1 and again squished them into a glass. Top up with your favourite iced tea and bam! Fancy pants mock tail! (I used pomegranate fruit tisane from T2)


If you have any leftover fruit then chop it up and freeze it into ice cube trays for a quick drink pimp later on.

It seriously is that simple to make up new concoctions.  Fruit and Water – Genius!

Whats your favourite sugarfree thirst quencher?