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Why You Should Try Dry Body Brushing

About a year ago I discovered dry body brushing and immediately fell in love with it. Here is the low down on why I think you should give it a go RIGHT NOW!

Dry body brushing a fabulous way to spend a little bit of time with yourself. Spending just a couple of seconds on each part of your body is a fabulous way to reconnect with your neglected bits.
Take the time to make this a little bit ceremonial, almost like you are trying to impress yourself. Allow yourself the time. Maybe light a candle or listen to some peaceful tunes. Take a couple of deep breaths and go for it.

Start with the feet and work your way up your legs in gentle strokes. Keep moving as quickly or as slowly as you like, but try to make sure you are always brushing in the direction of your heart. Be gentle on the bits with softer skin and never press harder than you are comfortable with. It might feel a bit too scratchy when you first start or if you have a new brush, so please use your judgement on how much pressure to use.

Keep it positive! Don’t you dare think a negative thought about your amazing body. Now is the perfect time to appreciate each and every bit. Your body is perfect and unique and magnificent!

You get bonus points if you repeat some affirmations whilst you brush – by bonus points I mean you will feel good…

Now, you might start to feel a little tingly. Cool huh? As you brush, your blood flow and lymph nodes are stimulated. Its like giving your insides a little fizz. Exciting the blood flow and lymph drainage make dry brushing excellent for your circulation, for helping to release toxins and for helping to combat cellulite.
I personally have pretty crappy circulation and even crappier cellulite, so dry brushing is my bestie.

Going all white and flaky? Excellent! This is just your dry skin coming away. Dry brushing is an awesome way to exfoliate dead skin. Don’t get too carried away or you might end up a little tender.

Now that you are tingly and exfoliated, you want to have a nice WARM shower. Try not to go too hot or you might damage your newly brushed skin. Finish up by moisturising with your fave cream or coconut oil and you are good to go.

There is no reason why you cant dry brush every single day if you like. Personally as much as I love it, I often forget – and that’s perfectly ok. I’m not going to lose sleep over whether or not I’ve brushed my legs.

Have you tried dry brushing? Let me know how you go in the comments below