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Shit Yeah! Affirmations are for cool kids

How do you feel about affirmations? Love them? Hate them? Never heard of them? Thought they were only for weirdos?

Pretty sure I have thought all of the above at one stage or another in my life.

I was exposed to affirmations from as early as primary school. My parents divorced when I was about 6 and I guess they were worried it would mess me up as a person so they popped me into sessions with the school counsellor. I didn’t understand the sessions all that much. But she was a nice lady so I was happy to go along.

One of the tools she used to help me was to use affirmations. I remember in one of our sessions we sat together with her asking me all kinds of questions about my fears and used this to create a script of affirmations. She recorded them for me on a good ole tape so I could listen to them through my walk-man before I went to bed each night. It didn’t take long for the other kids (or probably my sisters) to make me feel self conscious of my affirmation tape, and so I would try to avoid listening to it whenever I could. I didn’t want to feel different to the other kids and I couldn’t understand the purpose of the tape so I began to resent it.

When did feeling good take second place to what other people thought?

A few years ago when I started exploring new ways of caring for my body I began to realise that my body could not flourish if my mind was full of gunk!

Thankfully I was graced with the likes of Melissa Ambrosini and Jess Ainscough who re-introduced me to affirmations.

So what are they? In my world affirmations are like little reminders of what is or what could be. For example: When I start hating on my body and feeling like I am not good enough (like the last time I went bikini shopping) I remind myself “I Love and accept myself.”

They are a way of replacing the toxic negative thoughts with positive glimmers of light. The more positive thoughts that you can fill your mind with, the less room there becomes for the bad ones.

They can also be used to invite more of something into your life, or highlight something that you were having trouble seeing. For example, if you are wanting to welcome more money into your life you might try “I am abundant. Money flows to me and all of my needs are met in abundance.”IMG_1215


Yep, I can totally see how repeating to yourself “I love and accept myself” over and over could seem a little coo-coo. So let me remind you that how you feel is more important than what other people think!!

And besides, no one is saying you have to shout it from your desk every 20 minutes or recite it to strangers. You don’t have to tell a soul (but you can if you want!). Affirmations do not come in a one size fits all. Everyone will feel differently about what they need and how they want to engage with it.

Some people are confident and will happily recite affirmations with others around, others feel more personal and will say them in private or may even just think on them quietly. Whatever works for you is perfect.

IMG_1175I recommend picking an affirmation for your day and keeping it with you as much as possible. Write it on a post it and stick it to your car steering wheel or set it as a reminder in your phone to remind you throughout the day.  Don’t stress if you still notice the negative thoughts, just do your best to replace them whenever they pop up. The more you practice the easier it will become and before you know it positive affirmations will become your default brain setting.


Do you use affirmations? Pop on over to my facebook page for some affirmation inspiration

Jodie xx


The Golden Rule – Stay Present Homie

This weekend I forgot something so friggin important to me. I forgot the golden rule. 

I got stuck in my own head.

I waited and waited for something to happen. Not only did I wait and obsess and think only of this outcome, but I stopped living in the real world while I waited. 

I forgot to be present. Forgot to enjoy the life I was obsessing about. As a result, I missed out on some of the fun that I was so looking forward to this long weekend. 

I got stuck in my head and it was icky. My mind was swirling and concocting all kinds of false realities and dragging me way way down.

I became a sulky little kid that wanted to eat everything, didn’t want to do anything and was bored, grumpy and hating on my own company. I stopped caring about what I ate and shoved almost anything I could find in my gob, at least while I was crunching I couldn’t hear my own thoughts. But then the shame spiral was added to my already shit stormy mind and a splash of body hate was added on top. My shoulders were up around my ears, I was full of tension and my teeth were clenched.

It all escalated pretty quickly really. Have you ever been there? It starts with something small and not particularly note worthy, and before you know it your fear has turned it into a vicious attack on anything and everything. Maybe you can relate? 

No one was safe. I seriously felt like I might snap at any moment and the sky might just fall in. 

Just two days prior I was feeling perky and ‘normal’. So what had happened?

I had forgotten to stay present. And even by the time I had realised that I was stuck in my head I was in so deep that it was not just a matter of snapping out of it. 

So when you are in so deep, how to you drag yourself out of it?

I meditated. I am not going to lie and say that rainbows appeared an magically everything was better. I meditated while the voice in my head told me it was fucked. When all I could think about was finding something crunchy to eat as a distraction I came back to my breath.

Over and over and over again, I came back to my breath. 

As I meditated on the beach I had a revelation. I know that’s a teeny bit dramatic but it really was at the time. My life continued whether I got what I wanted or not. Why was I letting this not only turn me into a bit of a nutcase but also control the amount of joy I felt and magic I experienced. 

I stood for a few moments with the waves crashing into my legs, filled my lungs with the fresh sea air and then left my thoughts and worries on the beach. 

As I walked home I heard the birds sing for the first time in days. I looked up and around me and saw the sky and trees and all of the magic that nature puts on show for us. I smiled at my love when he wasn’t looking and I began to feel alive again. 

Being present is something I often forget. Its not something that comes naturally to most of us. We need to practice!

I want to ask you a few questions. 
When you are future tripping, how do you feel? Do you miss out on life’s little bits of magic?
When you are present in the moment, how do you feel? 

For me there is a vast shift in my energy and mood from one to the other. Maybe you can relate? How do you remind yourself to come back to the present moment? I would love to hear from you!

Jodie xx

Courage to Change – Meg O’Sullivan

Ever feel stuck?

I don’t mean stuck like when you drop something under the couch and get your arm caught trying to contort your body so that you can reach it without rearranging the furniture. I mean stuck in your situation. The kind of stuck that feels as though it is slowly dragging you through a life that feels ‘blergh’. Maybe you are stuck in your job that you don’t enjoy, or stuck in a body that feels heavier or less healthy than your soul or maybe stuck in a relationship that no longer serves you.

Yep. Its icky. I hear ya girlfriend!

We all feel stuck in different ways from time to time but all too often our fear keeps us stuck.

As though the stuck feeling protects us from falling flat on our face in a new and unknown situation.

Everything you have ever wanted, is one step outside your comfort zone – unknown.

Over the next few weeks on Chin up Lovely I will be sharing with you inspiring stories of some Lovelies just like you and me who felt stuck in some way and decided enough was enough and made mustered up the courage to change. My hope is that you might just resonate with one of the beauties sharing on the blog and might muster up the courage to make some changes for yourself.

So without further ado, I present to you the very first amazing incredible and inspiring story!


Lovelies… Meet Meg O’Sullivan!
When I first found Meg online I was instantly drawn to her soul filled and cheeky nature. I quickly became a devotee of her blog posts and devoured every spirit soaked word of her e-book “Naked”. Meg has such a way with words and such a beaming smile that you cant help but be drawn into her presence and inspired by her energy. Bascially… she is totally rad and I am stoked to have her here sharing with us today.


So let’s get to know you and your story shall we? Could you give us a little intro into who you are and what makes you tick?

 My name is Meg O’Sullivan. When I’m not teaching (or practicing) yoga, meditating, journaling or writing you will most likely find me dancing, diving into deep soulful conversations or experimenting (very messily) in the kitchen.

I believe that we are all connected to a Divine energy.

I believe that although we are conditioned to think otherwise, we are in fact whole, complete and full… ALWAYS!

I believe that we possess an amazing ability to create the exact life we desire to experience.

 And it is these beliefs and my love of writing that compelled me to start Adventuring Home – my little online space for empowering women (and a few men!) to start experiencing the life they are truly crave.

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