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How to get what you want in 2015

Welcome to the New Year Lovelies!

I love January. Not because I am glad to see the back of 2014 (because she was pretty rad) but because at the beginning of the year there is a swirl of positive energy that seems to lift peoples moods. Can you feel it? Perhaps your news feed has also been spammed with people embracing the New Year with positivity, possibility and passion. It’s exciting! A New start. A fresh place to begin. A great reason to try something new!

A new beginning and a bit of a holiday break has people feeling refreshed and inspired, and I am no different. I have spent a fair bit of time over the last couple of weeks reflecting on what is new and good from 2014 as well as how those things came about. In my books there are two ways of creating change. The first is to see where the universe guides you. Just go with the flow and see what happens, embrace the journey. This can be really great way to learn new things or a little unsettling, depending on your outlook I guess. It can also mean that not much changes for you. The second is to contemplate what it is that you really want deep down in your soul and decide that it is happening.

I’m a pretty big fan of both approaches but if you want to make shit happen, then number 2 is your best bet.

I know the notion of knowing what you want and taking steps to make it happen seems kind of obvious, but how often do you think “oh I would love to try that” and never actually do it?

Perhaps you dreamt of being something, having a career in something you love or visiting somewhere magical and so far it has not become more than a dream… that’s ok, for now…

You might have told yourself that it was too far-fetched and even though you would love to, you can’t right now. I call bullshit.

And you know what, I’m talking to myself here just as much as the rest of you! I call bullshit to ‘I Can’t’.

You can’t if you won’t. Plain and simple.

Whether you want to fly in a helicopter, go overseas, lose weight, start running, get a new job, study something new, colour your hair, find a perfect partner, buy a house, sell a house, move house, try something completely new and out of your comfort zone or just take time for yourself, then you are the one that can make it happen. You are the one that needs to ask for it!

So since its January and all that funky newness is swirling around, why the hell not get on board?


How to get what you want in 2015

Where to start?

What do you want to achieve? Go crazy, there is literally no wrong answer to this question.

What do I need to do to get there? It might be as simple as making some enquiries to establish a plan of action.

Break it down. You don’t have to do it all at once! Start small, but don’t stop. Activation can only be achieved by taking action. So if you stop. Then you are pressing pause on what you want.

What is stopping you? I seriously love this question. What stopped you from achieving your goals? If you know the problem, then you can find a solution. And often I think you will find that you struggle to find an answer. For example ‘What stopped me from going running? Ummm… nothing’
(just a teeny note on “I cant afford it” – Bull! If you want to then you will find a way. Reshuffle things, sell something, save up for a year – if you are passionate about it then you will find a way)

If you really want to achieve something then for Pete’s sake then make it happen!!

Get excited! It’s a whole lot easier to achieve something if you are so excited about it that you think about it each and every day and talk about it so much that your friends and family know every detail. Besides, you never know what doors might open up for you when you just put it out there that you are looking for something.


A few things on the cards for me this year are coaching lots of wonderful people and creating an income from coaching, starting yoga teacher training and writing and selling my first e-book! EXCITING!!

What about you? Let me know what you are going to achieve this year so we can be excited together!!



5 Tips to Brighten a Gloomy Day and Cheer Yourself Up

This morning I woke up and it was dark and cold outside. And all I could think of was good reasons to call in a sick day. But as I lay there it hit me. I can totally turn this gloomy day upside down!
So here are some of my suggestions on how to  cheer yourself up and make your day a little bit more rad.

1. Think of 3 things you are looking forward to. It might be something as simple as a cup of tea.
I doesn’t have to be something huge or magnificent – this morning I got excited because the weather was cooler, because then I can wear tights to work and don’t have to shave my legs!
Just start to try and think of things and you might find you can’t stop, and you will instantly feel more optimistic about your day.

2. Wear your favourite clothes. Do you have a favourite shirt/skirt/pants/bag/hat – favourite anything? Wear it! Putting a little bit of extra effort into your outfit can sometimes make a big difference. Especially if you really really don’t feel like it. And besides, on the off chance that someone compliments you on your totally rad bag/hat/skirt or shirt you are likely to pep up even more.
(If its raining and you have a pair of gumboots then stop being such a grown up – put them on and stomp in some puddles!)

3. Try complimenting someone else. Someone at work has extra bouncy hair today? Let them know how fab it is. It doesn’t have to be appearance based – Try this “I really valued your input in that meeting yesterday” or even just “you are doing a great job”. Letting other people know that we appreciate them makes them makes everyone feel good.

4. You tube. The internet is filled with hilarious and heart-warming videos. My personal fave is to look at other peoples wedding dances… that’s not weird is it?
Whatever… Get on it. Bulldogs jumping on trampolines is also fantastic.

5. Sing. Sing along to the radio, sing a song in your head, just sing. Having a super catchy upbeat song in your head can be really energising. Try this one.
Singing a conversation can also be hilarious! You need to get someone else on board or they will just think you are strange. This is so silly that its impossible not to giggle.
Sometimes I sing to my dog and he turns his head and looks at me like WTF is she doing? And then he gets excited because he thinks I’m an excellent singer. Im sure he would say that if he could anyway…

Lastly. YOU need to make the decision. If you wake up in the morning and say to yourself “today is going to suck balls” then it most likely will.

If you wake up and decide that you are going to smash your day in the face with your amazing-ness then I reckon you will do alright.

How do you brighten your gloomy days?