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Don’t trust your tired self

You know how little kids go past bed time into  their tired zone and they suddenly start going a bit feral and manic? That’s me… Being over tired seriously turns me into a crazy person. For me It’s as though the dark circles forming under my eyes are storm clouds rolling in, only there is no weatherman to predict whether it will be a sun shower or a hail storm.

Just the other day I was driving to the beach and I spotted one of those big lit up signs that the council puts out near road works that said “Don’t trust your tired self…. Stop revive survive”.

Don’t Trust Your Tired Self!


Of course you cant! Earlier in the week I put on a spectacular show right before bed time where I used every trick in my book to get attention and validation from my husband. It started with a rant about something that happened that day and quickly turned into a pity party where I was the only RSVP. Basically, “tell me im pretty and wonderful and amazing and I will let you go to sleep without crying on your pillow.” The next morning I was still tired because I stayed up later than normal being needy and I headed straight to the café at work for a muffin to make myself feel better…. #facepalm

Lets elaborate and look at a few reasons why you cant be trusted when you are tired.

Firstly, you make poor food choices as demonstrated by my emotional crutch flavoured muffin. You want that sugary energy hit to get you through the morning and are too tired to bother with preparing something that you know is going to be better for you. Then BAM! You start a second cycle of tired moodiness combined with a sugar crash.

Then you snap at the ones you love because they didn’t miraculously read your mind and know that you were about to lose your shit if they happened to take 5 seconds too long in the bathroom. Or they neglect to shower you in enough love, affection and compliments. Sheesh, how dare they…

But worst of all, you cannot, repeat CAN NOT trust what happens inside your mind. You know that voice that tells you that you aren’t good enough, pretty enough, skinny enough, smart enough, just not enough in general? The one you work so hard to prove is wrong. (Just so we are clear – that voice IS wrong!!)
That voice loves to visit when you are tired because many of us, when tired, just don’t have the energy to tell it where to go.

It sneaks up on you and suddenly you are plagued with insecurities and irrational thoughts and if you are anything like me then you are ready to have an epic meltdown. This may come as a surprise to you but my man friend has copped many a melt down from an over-tired Jodie…

The solution seems pretty logical – get more sleep – but unfortunately getting enough rest is not always within our control. Maybe you just haven’t slept right and are feeling a little touchy. Maybe its been ridiculously hot and now you are hot and bothered. Or maybe you have little cherubs who like to climb into your bed at night and kick you in the back. I have a cat who likes to claw me in the middle of the night in the soft bits of skin near my armpits, or in my side. Bless…

So unfortunately for those people you are doomed to live moody lives…. Nah! Not even!

What can you do? Recognise

Recognise that you are allowed to be tired. You dont have to be 100% all the time.

Recognise that you are tired and maybe get to bed a little earlier.

Recognise that you function better with tasty nutritious food and make the effort to find it.

Recognise that you might need some space. Take 5 and close your eyes, take some deep breaths and maybe give your body a gentle stretch.

Recognise that you are possibly being unreasonable and unless you are actually going to pee your pants in the next 5 seconds, then your family member can take the extra time in the bathroom.

Recognise that the voice in your head that is bringing you down is only as powerful as you allow it to be.

Recognise and repeat – “I am enough, I am SO enough, its incredible how enough I am!”

How do you cope when you feel an over tired tanty coming on? surely I’m not the only one that does it… or am I?