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My Mate Maca – A Recipe for Hormone Happiness

I am terrible at trivia. Terrible. I am that person that knows they know the answer but just cannot remember. I just don’t retain information all that well… so today when a friend asked me about Maca I got so super excited because I love Maca so much that I actually remember info about it! I was able to spurt out all my Maca knowledge with great enthusiasm and she seemed pretty chuffed that I had helped. She may have just been afraid that I would not stop talking but whatever…

So, I decided to share a bit of my Maca knowledge with you lovely people! If you are a ‘superfood’ sceptic then of course don’t take my word for it, do some googling if you like to suss these things out for yourself. You might like to start here or here.

So what is Maca? Its a root vegetable that is most commonly ground into a fine powder. It originates from Peru and can be traced back to the Incas who were pretty cluey at using it for its health benefits. Continue reading