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A bunch of meditatey things that aren’t colouring in or sitting in battle with your thoughts.

My name is Jodie and I meditate daily and I love a good OM. I have always felt a bit irky telling people about it though, because it felt woo woo or overly spiritual to chat about.

The time has come though for me to share with you lovely friends some meditatey goodness.
Why? Because it’s actually fucking amazing and everyone needs to know about it.


Because traditional meditation doesn’t work for everyone and you need to know that that’s ok.


I meditate because I have an anxious, overactive and over excitable mind. My thoughts come and go faster than Sheldon Cooper from The Big Bang Theory as the Flash and are usually just as odd. It’s not just me though is it? So often I hear people say they can’t meditate or they suck at it because they think too much. Not being able to switch off your thoughts is probably the number one reason people give up on meditation. Because they can’t, right?

Meditating is not always easy. We are conditioned to be ‘on’ all the freakin time! Constantly thinking about 10 things at once, the groceries, the washing, the huge work thing and a bajillion other things flowing through on high rotation. With all the exciting technologies at our fingertips its common (especially at my house) to have the laptop in front of me with 20 tabs open, while the telly runs in the back ground and I check snap chat and Instagram on my phone. It’s not surprising that many of us have turned into anxiety riddled stress pots!

We need to switch off sometimes. We need to reboot. We need to rest!!! However for many of us, sitting for 20 minutes in meditation just isn’t accessible and quite frankly is not always necessary.


Unless you have been living under a rock the last few months then I am sure you would have come across the latest trend in mindfulness – adult colouring books. Not for me thanks… I see the appeal however my Fashion degree background makes me highly strung when it comes to colouring… if it’s not perfect I will crack it and I am fairly certain that defeats the purpose.

So sitting in traditional meditation isn’t working and colouring stresses you out? Well you are doomed to be highly strung and miss out on all the calm feels then.

Kidding! There’s a buttload of meditatey things you can do that don’t involve colouring or battling with your thoughts to chill the F*** out.

  1. Sit down and have a cup of tea. That’s all. No telly, or phone or computer to play with. Just a cup of tea and maybe a blanky.
  2. Extra long showers – the kind where you run out of things to think about except the smell of body scrub and the feel the toasty warm water washing away all the gunk… both physical gunk and mind gunk. Extra points if you use some essential oils or light candles.
  3. Look for the moon. It’s fucking stunning. Every. Single. Night. It’s not hard to spend a few moments checking out its magnificence. Same goes for sunrise and sun set – fucking magical.
  4. Take a freakin breath every now and then! Seriously! Take 10 seconds where all you think about is taking a deep breath in and a relaxing breath out. It’s like hitting refresh on the mind chatter and its lovely.
  5. Get a journal and write stuff. Write whatever you feel like, you never have to show anyone. Write all the mind jumbles, nonsense and even things to do later if it helps.
  6. Running… so I’m told… people who run tell me that it’s meditative. I do not run so I make no comment.
  7. Water the plants. Pull some weeds. Listen to the birds. Just go outside once in a while.
  8. Bake with love (ideally for no reason. Don’t be using your Sister’s wedding cake as the opportunity to bake meditate, I just don’t see it ending well). Whisking can be incredibly therapeutic.
  9. Sun sals baby!! Get some slow movement happening with one breath for each movement. Might I suggest some cat cows and forward folds? Perfect meditatey dreamy yoga. Ooh and child’s pose – that’s a good’n!
  10. Whatever the fuck makes you happy. As long as you happy enjoying the moment (not thinking about 20 other things at the time) then you are good as gold!

Do you have a fave meditatey thing to bring you back down to earth? Let me know so I can give it a go! Unless its running… 😉

Bring Your Own Peace

I love a good meditation. A few moments of quiet breathing and stillness can transform my crazy highly strung mind into one of peace and calm. It’s a pretty dreamy place really.

A few years ago I realised how different I felt when I incorporated meditation into my daily routine. Rather than rushing off to work in a huff feeling flustered I began setting my alarm a little earlier to sit in stillness before starting my day. For a long time I began my day calmly in the peace and quiet of the early morning and I loved it. There is something so magical about sitting in silence while the sun paints the sky orange and blue.

Over time things in my life began to change. I no longer felt the pull to jump out of bed to take the time for myself to welcome in each day with purpose and intention. So I let it go for a little while.

Like with many things in my life I came and went from meditation practice. I knew it was there when I needed it and that was enough for that time in my life.

Recently though, I realised that I was missing it. I was taking less and less time to connect with my breath and was letting more stress and angst into my days.

Recently I treated myself with a weekend away at a yoga retreat. Two days full of full on relaxation. Picture sitting by the fire with a book, yoga classes, meditation, kirtan, taking naps and eating delicious vegetarian gluten free and dairy free foods cooked by a beautiful chef who I could have kissed every time she said the words “breakfast/lunch/dinner is served”.

Before leaving the retreat I gave our host a big hug and told her how much I had enjoyed the peace and calm.

Whilst I was glad to get home I missed the peace and calm I had enjoyed so much on my weekend away. I decided to invite more calm back into my everyday life – starting with my morning yoga and meditation practice. I committed to once again giving myself the time and space to welcome my day with intention.

For this morning quiet time I take myself to our spare room so I can close the door and not be harassed by the cat or the dog wanting play while I’m trying to chill. I give myself 45 minutes to gently awaken by body with gentle yoga and sit in stillness before setting the intention for my day and joining the rest of the household for breakfast and showers and other morning things.

Whilst I have still felt the benefits of this time I noticed something during the last week that was a bit off.  Towards the end of the week I caught myself rushing my practice. I was thinking about what I was going to cook for breakfast and what I might take for lunch, what I might wear and did I need to wash my hair or shave my legs. Knowing that I had given myself the time I needed I chose to let the hubbub in my head go.

But it crept back up on me didn’t it! When I reached out my hand to pull down the door handle and join the world I dropped my calm, present, blissed out feeling to the floor.

Why bother sitting in meditation feeling calm and blissed out if I were going to launch myself back into a crazy flap as soon as I left the room? Or as soon as someone annoyed me, cut me off in traffic, or rubbed there bad mood or stress off onto me.

Bring your own peace.

You know you don’t have to feel stressed and frazzled each day right? You can choose to flip your perspective and choose an alternative. You are responsible for how you feel.

I had to take the blissed out feeling with me. I WANTED to take the blissed out feeling with me!

For me simply making a conscious effort to carry the “just meditated” feeling throughout my day has made a huge difference. I certainly don’t feel that way ALL the time, but I am more aware of how I choose to feel and with that awareness I am able to feel more calm more often. So now, I endeavour to bring my own peace.

How do you bring peace back into your day when you are feeling frazzled or things don’t feel like they are going your way?

A few deep breaths, maybe a smile or a chuckle, a cuddle from a pet, a cup of tea… all ways that I can come back to my peace.

REMEMBER: Peace Begins With Me.


Do you have a killer morning routine to start your day off on the right foot? How do you take that feeling and infuse it into the rest of your day? 
I would love to hear about it in the comments below!

You may like to check out this super simple and effective “peace begins with me” mini meditation by Gabby Bernstein.

Much love!

Jodie xx

The Golden Rule – Stay Present Homie

This weekend I forgot something so friggin important to me. I forgot the golden rule. 

I got stuck in my own head.

I waited and waited for something to happen. Not only did I wait and obsess and think only of this outcome, but I stopped living in the real world while I waited. 

I forgot to be present. Forgot to enjoy the life I was obsessing about. As a result, I missed out on some of the fun that I was so looking forward to this long weekend. 

I got stuck in my head and it was icky. My mind was swirling and concocting all kinds of false realities and dragging me way way down.

I became a sulky little kid that wanted to eat everything, didn’t want to do anything and was bored, grumpy and hating on my own company. I stopped caring about what I ate and shoved almost anything I could find in my gob, at least while I was crunching I couldn’t hear my own thoughts. But then the shame spiral was added to my already shit stormy mind and a splash of body hate was added on top. My shoulders were up around my ears, I was full of tension and my teeth were clenched.

It all escalated pretty quickly really. Have you ever been there? It starts with something small and not particularly note worthy, and before you know it your fear has turned it into a vicious attack on anything and everything. Maybe you can relate? 

No one was safe. I seriously felt like I might snap at any moment and the sky might just fall in. 

Just two days prior I was feeling perky and ‘normal’. So what had happened?

I had forgotten to stay present. And even by the time I had realised that I was stuck in my head I was in so deep that it was not just a matter of snapping out of it. 

So when you are in so deep, how to you drag yourself out of it?

I meditated. I am not going to lie and say that rainbows appeared an magically everything was better. I meditated while the voice in my head told me it was fucked. When all I could think about was finding something crunchy to eat as a distraction I came back to my breath.

Over and over and over again, I came back to my breath. 

As I meditated on the beach I had a revelation. I know that’s a teeny bit dramatic but it really was at the time. My life continued whether I got what I wanted or not. Why was I letting this not only turn me into a bit of a nutcase but also control the amount of joy I felt and magic I experienced. 

I stood for a few moments with the waves crashing into my legs, filled my lungs with the fresh sea air and then left my thoughts and worries on the beach. 

As I walked home I heard the birds sing for the first time in days. I looked up and around me and saw the sky and trees and all of the magic that nature puts on show for us. I smiled at my love when he wasn’t looking and I began to feel alive again. 

Being present is something I often forget. Its not something that comes naturally to most of us. We need to practice!

I want to ask you a few questions. 
When you are future tripping, how do you feel? Do you miss out on life’s little bits of magic?
When you are present in the moment, how do you feel? 

For me there is a vast shift in my energy and mood from one to the other. Maybe you can relate? How do you remind yourself to come back to the present moment? I would love to hear from you!

Jodie xx