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Self love meditation

Self Love Sunday Meditation

Ahh, its a chilly Sunday morning in Canberra and I am tucked up in bed with my laptop and a cup of tea. This morning I was all set for a self love Sunday sleep in. But the Universe had other plans for me. I woke up at around 6:30 am super unimpressed that I was not still asleep. I checked my phone, facebook, instagram and tried to go back to sleep. My husband snored his gorgeous head away next to me and I decided it was time to give in and get up.

In the freezing cold morning I lay on the rug in the lounge room and took some deep breaths before launching into a little bit of morning yoga. At the end of my session I sat for some meditation (as I often do after morning yoga). I was ready to combat my busy mind into sitting quietly and prepared to let go of all the chatter. But today was easy.

I sat on the floor and listened to the birds outside while I felt inside of my body. And then, at the very end I realised that I needed to share this with you RIGHT NOW! Sundays are the most perfect day of the week to show yourself some extra love. Its the beginning of a new week! How exciting!

So here goes my loves, a little self love Sunday meditation especially for you!

First of all, get comfy. Find a comfy quiet place where you can be alone. I like to sit on my lounge room rug while the rest of the house is still sleeping.

You can sit in a chair, on a cushion – wherever you feel comfortable sitting for a little while without moving.

Once you have a nice comfy posy, close your eyes. Sit for a few moments and watch your thoughts. Let them come and let them go. Listen to the sounds around you, birds outside, the heater kicking in – whatever is happening.

Then let go of the noise and begin to focus on your breath. While our mind starts to wander off with all sorts of random thoughts, come back to the breath – “I’m Breathing in, I’m breathing out”.

When you feel comfortable, begin to focus on each body part starting with your feet. Imagine you are giving yourself a foot rub. Feel the warmth of your hands and see if you can think of a way to thank each body part. It doesn’t have to be huge, a simple “I appreciate my feet” works wonders. Moving from the feet up your ankles, shins etc. slowly working all the way up your body, back and neck and into your head and face.

Don’t forget your face!

If you feel as though any particular area needs more attention, then sit with it. Move on only when you feel ready. This can take as long or as little time as you like, but please try not to rush. The more you let go, the more connected you will feel.

Now that each part of you has had a mental massage and is feeling warm and cozy. Sit. Listen. Begin to listen into the noise around you as you come back to where you are physically sitting. Slowly and gently wriggle your fingers and toes and gently open your eyes.

Tell yourself how fabulous you are. Do it!!! Repeat after me  “I am fabulous and unique and I love myself”

Now you are all set to do whatever you choose with your Sunday. Enjoy it!!